I founded INTERSPECIES to assist organisations and communities in protecting animals and nature, and to advance the development of policy and the public discourse for animal and nature protection.

I am a sustainability and animal studies expert, researcher and analyst. I have developed a notion of interspecies sustainability, a paradigm that foregrounds animals’ and nature’s interests and is based in multispecies justice. I have laid the groundwork for this with my PhD research (University of Sydney), investigating the implication of the principles of interspecies sustainability for animal using practices, industries and animal advocacy.

This interest builds on my earlier research in environmental education and concept formation and subsequent work as Research Fellow and Associate at RMIT University. During the years that followed, I led and collaborated in sustainability and climate education and capacity building projects, policy development and community outreach. I conducted some of these projects in partnership with NGOs and UN agencies, undertaking research, teacher professional development and coordination of expert meetings in India, Maldives, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and throughout Australia. I began to focus on animal issues which was made possible when I was awarded the Voiceless Factory Farming Grant 2008. With the support of this grant, I investigated Australians’ knowledge of and attitudes toward factory farming. And from there, I moved to the University of Sydney where, supported by an ARC funded PhD scholarship, I researched another animal using industry, the international thoroughbred racing industry. This led to the development and advancement of interspecies sustainability as a paradigm for analysis of practices and for policy development. (Reports and publications of various projects can be found here.)

I now work as advocate/scholar and advisor to advance the interests of animals and nature. I assist in adopting principles of interspecies sustainability as a guide for policy and advocacy. I am also interested in developing initiatives and tools to unveil and prevent appropriation of the notions of interspecies sustainability and animal welfare and protection.

An important step in this process is to institute political representation for animals and nature. I therefore have accepted an invitation to stand as candidate for the Animal Justice Party at the Victorian State Elections 2022. This is also an opportunity to advance the public discourse for animal and nature protection that is urgently needed.

Focus Areas